Sunday, May 9, 2021


👉🏻 Word list 401-420


I first met 8-year-old Katy on a rainy afternoon. I was a nurse at a hospital. The clerk at the desk told me about Katy. She was there because she felt a lot of pain. 

The doctors located a problem at the base of her brain. I knew she was special, even before she got better. I’ll always remember Katy as a hero.

When I entered Katy’s room, she was not in her bed. She was in a chair next to Tommy, a little boy. Though Katy did not feel well, she was playing with Tommy and his toys. 

It took a lot of effort for her just to sit in the chair. But she played with Tommy because it made him happy.

Katy was always smiling and never appeared to be in pain. She refused to just lie in bed. One day I found her painting a picture. Later, she gave it to one of the older patients. 

Another day she went outside to get flowers for another sick little girl. Katy made everyone smile.

The doctors hurried to fix the problem in Katy’s brain. The operation was successful! The doctors informed the hospital staff of the good news. 

Katy was fine. She soon felt excellent. She got better and was able to leave the hospital a month later.

I have had a long career as a nurse. I have met many patients. However, I have never met another girl like Katy. Even after she got well, she still came to the hospital. She played various games with the young patients. 

She read many books to the older patients. Katy’s kind heart helped her get better so quickly. She is a hero to me and everyone else at the hospital.
credit: Paul Nation


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