Friday, May 7, 2021

13. Present Perfect 01


1. Use short forms (I’ve seen, she’s gone) of the Present Perfect to make positive or negative sentences.

Gunakan bentuk pendek (I've seen, she's gone) dari Present Perfect untuk membuat kalimat negatif atau positif.

(He/lose/his passport) – He’s lost his passport. 
(She/not/see/her sister) – She hasn’t seen her sister. 

2. James is talking about his life. Put the correct past participles in the gaps. 

James sedang berbicara tentang hidupnya. Letakkan past participles (v3) yang benar di bagian yang kosong.

3. Look at the pictures that show what Jenny has done in her life. Complete the sentences about her, using the Present Perfect from the verbs in brackets ( ).

Lihatlah gambar-gambar yang menunjukkan apa yang telah dilakukan Jenny dalam hidupnya. Lengkapi kalimat tentang dia, gunakan Present Perfect dari kata kerja dalam tanda kurung ( ).

She has worked (work) as a secretary and as a schoolteacher. 


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