Friday, May 7, 2021

14. Present Perfect 02


1. Complete the sentences using the Present Perfect form of the verbs in brackets ( ).

Lengkapi kalimat dengan menggunakan bentuk Present Perfect dari kata kerja dalam tanda kurung ( ).

Don’t take my plate away. I haven’t finished (not/finish) my meal.

2. Write the conversation using the Present Perfect and the words in brackets ( ).

Tulis percakapan menggunakan Present Perfect dan kata-kata dalam tanda kurung ( ).

Rob : Have you ever wanted to work in another country?
         (you/ever/want/to work in another country?)

3. Make sentences with the Present Perfect and for or since.

Buat kalimat dengan Present Perfect dan for atau since itu..

I haven’t played tennis since last summer. 
(I/not/play/tennis/last summer.)


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