Thursday, May 20, 2021

17. Present Perfect Continuous


1. Complete the sentences by putting the verbs in brackets ( ) into the Present Perfect Continuous. 

Lengkapi kalimat dengan meletakkan kata kerja dalam tanda kurung () ke dalam Present Perfect Continuous.

She has been learning (she/learn) Spanish for six months. 

2. Put for or since in the gaps. .

Letakkan for atau since di bagian yang rumpang.

3. Write a sentence for each of the following situation, using the Present Perfect Continuous and for or since

Tulis kalimat untuk masing-masing situasi berikut, menggunakan Present Perfect Continuous dan 'for' atau 'since' itu.

She started her course a month ago and she is still doing it. 
She has been doing her course for a month.

I started reading this novel last weekend and I’m still reading it. 
I have been reading this novel since last weekend. 


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