Saturday, May 22, 2021

18. Present Perfect Simple vs. Continuous


1. Write out the sentences in brackets ( ). 

Tuliskan kalimat dalam tanda kurung ( ).

He’s late gain. (How many times/he/arrive/late this month?)
How many times has he arrived late this month?

2. Complete the dialogues from this information. Use the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous.

Selesaikan dialog dari informasi ini. Gunakan Present Perfect Simple atau Present Perfect Continuous.

Neil, why are you sweating? ~ Because I have been sweeping the floors.
Is the lawn finished? ~ Yes, Rachel has cut the grass

3. Put the verbs in brackets ( ) into the gaps in the right form. Use the Present Perfect Simple or the Continuous. 

Masukkan kata kerja dalam tanda kurung ( ) ke dalam bagian yang kosong dengan formula yang benar. Gunakan Present Perfect Simple atau Continuous..

Ellen : Where are you and your family going to live?
Ian: Well, we’ve been talking (talk) about that for weeks, but we haven’t decided (decide) anything yet. 


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